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Aluminium Barrier Foil:


Aluminum Barrier Foil Packaging works on the principle of Climatic Packaging.
The Aluminum Barrier Foil acts as Barrier to the entry of Moisture inside the Packaging. It is sealed properly to ensure that outside Atmospheric moisture is not able to reach the metallic surfaces inside the Packaging.

The Climate inside the Packaging is Vaccumized to reduce the quantum of the Moisture and the Air.

Additional Moisture Absorbers and De-humdifiers like Silica Gel and Desiccant Clays are added inside the Packaging to attain relative humidity less than 40%.
Often VCI/VpCI materials are added for additional Corrosion Protection.


Aluminum Barrier Foil is used for the protection of Machines, Precision Tools, Components etc against Moisture and Corrosion during Sea Transport and during Storage.



Moisture Proof:

Very Low Water Vapour Transmission rate property of CorroPac Aluminum Barrier Foil, does not allow moisture to enter the Packaging if properly sealed.

Durable and Flexible:

High Tear and Bursting Strength makes New Sales Corporation (NSC) Aluminum Barrier Foils durable and strong.

  Heat Sealable:

New Sales Corporation (NSC) VCI Aluminum Barrier Foils are Heat sealable and weldable. They can be easily converted into Pouches, Bags, Shrouds of any desired sizes with the help of ordinary Heat Sealing machines.

New Sales Corporation (NSC) also provides the following accessories for Barrier Foil Packaging:

  • a. Hand Held Tong Sealers
  • b. De-Humidifiers and Moisture Absorber Desiccants
  • c. Moisture Indicators

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