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VCI Antirust Product

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Angle Boards

Angle Boards are designed to protect your product during storage and shipment.

Manufactured from recycled paper or recycled paper and plastic, depending on which product you choose, they are designed to reduce product damage by providing added stacking strength and stability, protection from strapping used to secure loads and edge protection by absorbing load impact at load corners.

Angle Boards, and Edge Protectors are available in a variety of lengths and thicknesses depending on your specific needs.



• More product packaged per pallet. • Reduces handling and shipping costs. • Improves load stability. • Reduces pilferage.
• Reduces damaged from crushing in stacking applications. • Enables maximum use of warehouse space.
• Reduces damage caused by flexing of long products.
• Helps reduce the amount of corrugated in the package (an example would be to minimize the corrugated package to a top and bottom tray) and reduce overall package costs.
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