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Corrosion Prevention by Moisture Absorption:

Moisture inside the Packaging is one of the major causes of Corrosion. Thus it is essential that Moisture inside the Packaging is as minimal as possible. If relative humidity in an enclosed system is below 40%, then the chances of occurrence of Corrosion are minimized. De-Humidifiers, Silica Gel, Desiccants work on the principle of Moisture Absorption in an enclosed system. The objective is to retain the Relative Humidity levels less than Forty percent.

Silica Gel:

The property of silica gel is the physical adsorption of water vapour into its internal  pores.
There is no   chemical reaction, no by products or side effects.
Even when saturated with water vapour, silica gel still has the appearance of a dry product, its shape unchanged.

Self-indicating silica gels have a moisture sensitive additive added to the basic silica gel. This indicator changes colour as moisture is adsorbed thus giving a visual indication as to the activity level of the silica gel.

Clay Desiccants:

We manufacture a complete line of small desiccant packets and bags contains silica gel, indicating silica gel, clay (montmorillonite), molecule sieve, calcium oxide, activated carbon, and are used in a variety of package applications including electronics, food, pharmaceutical, clothing, shoes, furniture and consumer products.

Standard sizes are 0.5-2000 grams. Custom sizes are available to fit your packaging needs and OEM

We can supply clay desiccants in heat-sealed Tyvek bag or in sewn polyester non-woven bag. All of our clay desiccants meet and exceed the requirements of MIL-D-3464E Type I & II. Standard sizes are from 1/6unit to 80units. The adsorption capacity of moisture >= 20% at 25 degree C and 40%RH.

Also supply container desiccant bag which have high adsorbent capacity for moisture and easily protect container from moisture damage while goods are in transit.

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