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VCI Stretch Film:

VCI Stretch film is a hi-tech packaging material, the stretch rate can reach 300%, having dual functions of single face adhesion and vapor corrosion inhibition. It contains Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor properties to provide anti-corrosion protection to stretch wrap packaging applications.

When metallic parts are protected by VCI stretch film, volatile corrosion inhibitor vaporizes and condenses on all metallic surfaces, including holes and cavities which are difficult to touch, to form single molecular protective layer, which protects the metal against corrosion.


Cost Effective

Our VCI stretch films deliver cost effective corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metal parts and the like.

  No Oily or greasy effect:

With high quality VCI films you get the combined benefit of barrier and anti corrosion protection in a easy to use form that involves no grease, no messy oils or surfaces protection.

High Protection time:

The VCI vapours completely penetrate all areas of the product and will provide up to 2 years of anti-corrosion protection.

Parts in Ready to use Condition
VCI-Paper prevents corrosion by emitting VCIs (vapor corrosion inhibitors). VCIs are chemically attracted to all metals, where they form an effective corrosion barrier only a few molecules thick. Parts packaged with VCI-Paper arrive corrosion free and ready for use.

Available in all sizes

VCI-Paper paper is available in several standard-sized rolls, individual cut sheets and can be custom-made for special needs.
Packaging type: Roll
Thickness: 25-60microns

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